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Dropshot Pacific Pro 7.0

Dropshot Pacific Pro 7.0


The Pacific Pro 7 is the awaited upgrade of the popular Pacific Pro 6. Features: All New materials and construction for increased control, power, comfort and feel. Full 100% cN Carbon Frame. Elastum EVA Tech Core. Newly Released 3D SPIN Contour Face plus added SuperGrip Surface for Maximum long-lasting Spin.


Length: Extended (18.5 inches) Standard Weights: 330-335 grams

Balance: Middle/Head Power: 8.5

Control: 9.0

Stability: 8.5

Maneuverability: 9.5


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DropShot paddles have a 4 month warranty (from date of purchase) against any face breakage or cracking. There is no warranty against paint chipping, scratching or scraping on edges or rim of racquet. Warranty does not cover cracks or breakage due to wearing on rim or edge of racquet caused by scraping or other rubbing or hitting on hard surface. Warranty is also voided if racquet is painted over or altered in any way including adhering any surface on face (i.e. sandpaper or velcro.) Racquets will last a long time with proper care. Please protect the rim of your racquet with tape.

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