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SLK Halo Power Max

SLK Halo Power Max


The SLK Halo Max from Selkirk is designed for players who seek optimal spin and competitive performance from their paddle at a friendly price. This carbon paddle's core features Rev-Core Polymer to enhance your specific play style, and the broad face offers a generous sweet spot. On top of it all sits the T700 raw carbon fiber face that utilizes Raw Spin Technology to add ball spin to any player's game. In addition, this paddle arrives with a faux leather grip, a durable yet lightweight EdgeSentry edge guard, and a sweet spot that will help beginners and advanced players alike hit more consistent dinks, overhead slams, and low-trajectory drives.


Average Weight: MW 7.5oz - 8.0oz

Core: Rev-Core Polymer Core

Surface: T700 Raw Carbon Fiber

Grip Size: 4"

Grip Length: 4.85"

Paddle Dimensions: 16" L x 7.85" W

Thickness: 13 mm


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