Selkirk Vanguard Mach6

Selkirk Vanguard Mach6


The VANGUARD Hybrid Mach6 Pickleball Paddle is a top quality option for players coming from the world of tennis or those who simply prefer a racquet-like feel.

The squared off face and extra long length allow for impressive reach, double-handed backhands and plenty of quick action so that you can respond to any shot in a flash.

The VANGUARD Hybrid Mach6 Pickleball Paddle absorbs shock thanks to the X5 poly core but also offers a gentle touch.


Weight: 7.6-7.9oz (LW)/7.8-8.3oz (MW)

Grip circumference: 4 1/4"

Grip length: 5.875"

Surface: Quadcarbon Carbon Fiber

Core: Polyproplyene Core

Total length 16.5"

Width: 7.375"


*Color options are available. We will call/text you with current colors in stock once purchase is submitted.