Selkirk Vanguard Epic

Selkirk Vanguard Epic


The VANGUARD Hybrid Epic Paddle has a longer handle for more comfort on two handed backhands, or for people with larger hands, but it accomplishes this without reducing the size of its reactive sweet spot.

The surface is made from cross-woven carbon fiber that's double layered on each side of the paddle. This offers exceptional consistency in ball rebound over the entire face of the paddle, amazing durability, and a touch-centric feel that is unmatched. Combined with the thick X5 polypropylene core, dampens shock for a soft touch.

The Epic shaped paddles from Selkirk have long had the reputation of a paddle that will improve your game. It is wide (at 8"), and it gives you confidence for blocks, dinks, and thirds.


Weight: 7.4-7.8 oz (LW) / 7.7-8.2oz (MW)

Grip circumference: 4 1/4"

Grip length: 5.25"

Surface: Quadcarbon Carbon Fiber

Core: Polypropyene Core

Total length 15.75"

Width: 8"


*Color options are available. We will call/text you with current colors in stock once purchase is submitted.